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Consumption of electrical energy is a universally accepted indicator of progress in the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors of an economy and is also considered a benchmark of living standards of the people of any country.


All relevant matters under articles 154,157,158,161 & 172 (3) of the Constitution and framing policies for the Province in their respect.
Grant and revocation of licenses to the private electric undertaking, certificates of competency to electrical supervisors, and licenses to electric contractors under the electricity act 1910.

  • Levy and collection of electricity duty West Pakistan Finance Act, 1964.

  • Monitoring of tariff of PECSO vis-à-vis other DISCOs for the regulation of tariff.

  • Administration of Pakhtunkhwa Hydel Development Organization act,1993


The provincial government has planned to start work on gigantic energy projects to overcome shortfall of energy besides providing an inexpensive electricity to consumers, industries and agriculture sectors.

Harnessing indigenous energy resources for sustainable economic growth in KP through Hydropower Generation, Oil & Gas Sector & Renewable Energy

Energy & Power Department looks after two abundantly available natural resources in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
– Hydropower
– Oil & Gas (Hydrocarbons)

 Operational Projects
 Under Construction Projects
 Feasibility Phase-I
 Feasibility Phase-II

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Committed to work on gigantic energy projects to overcome shortfall of energy

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