Project Description

Project Brief:

The PC-1 of the Project was approved by PDWP dated: 07th March, 2019. The Administrative Approval was issued by the E & P department dated: 17th May, 2020. The project is proposed on the run of the Kurram River. A partially gated diversion weir will divert 25.48 cumecs of water to the headrace channel which ultimately ends at forebay. The water from the forebay will lead through penstock whereby three units of Francis turbines are installed for generation, each having a capacity of 3.52MW, with a collective capacity of 10.56 MW. The electricity generated will be fed through a switchyard and 10 Kilometer long transmission line of 132KV to the national grid at Thal.

Salient Features of the Project:

Capacity (MW) : 10.56

Net Head (m) : 56.05

Annual Energy (GWh): 73.56

Discharge (m³/s) : 22.93

Channel (m): 8240

Tariff: FS/EPC submitted/Approved

Current Status (Completed or in Progress and percentage of progress):

Hiring of Consultant:
Procurement Committee, PEDO in its meeting dated: 30th Nov,2020, recommended the combined (Tech + Fin) evaluation results for own-ward approvals. Management committee, PEDO in its meeting held on 20th Jan 2021, endorsed and recommended the combined (Tech + Fin) evaluation results for the final approval of the policy board in its upcoming meeting. The contract award is expected by March, 2021.

Land Acquisition:

Letter for acquisition of land under Sec 4 against 1810 Kanals land has been initiated to DC Kurram on 25th Jan, 2021. Further, PD along with his team and with the assistance of Revenue staff has carried out the rough survey of the area including reservoirs/ weir, access road, tailrace, power house and colony.