Project Description

Project Brief:

Lawi HPP of installed capacity of 69 MW is under construction on Shishi River, a left bank tributary of Chitral River by utilizing a gross head of 413 m and designed discharge of 20 m³/s to generate approx. 308 GWh annual energy.  A fixed concrete weir is situated on Shishi River near Lao Nissar village to divert 20 m³/s discharge of water to a headrace tunnel which will carry it to surge shaft near Lawi Village from where pressure shaft and pressure tunnel will bring these flows down to the Powerhouse. The releases from the powerhouse will be carried to Chitral River through a concrete lined tailrace channel.  The power will be transmitted to National Grid through Loop-in Loop-out interconnection with 132 kV double circuit transmission of Golen-Gol HPP. The Construction of Lawi HPP was started on 3rd November 2016 and was scheduled to be completed in 60 months.

Salient Features:

Capacity 69 MW Discharge 20 m³/s
Head 413 m Headrace Tunnel 12,117 m
Energy 312 GWh/A Tariff EPC Stage – Submitted

Current Status (Completed or in Progress and percentage of progress):

In Progress, 38.27% Completed.